Something For Jess- Chippendale, Sydney

The coffee always comes first. At Something For Jess they serve the excellent Five Senses Single Origin and in a double flat white the kick and taste merge into a velvet punch of goodness. Yes perhaps a bit lyrical but that’s the caffeine I like. A little later the cold filter coffee served over ice is delicious and has to be the taste sensation for warmer climates. Sit on one of these like a cocktail and let the flavour intoxicate you.                                                                                                                         The non-descript corner location on the busy Abercrombie street is pleasingly deceptive. The interior has been lovingly put together using found/donated bits and pieces to create a warm and inviting space. Mismatched chairs are almost standard in many new vintage cafes but the look is great. Interesting art (it’s new but has a nostalgic appeal) and old home wares sit nicely together, providing the perfect ambience for lingering.

The service is very friendly and genuine – you really feel like this would be a nice place to work. Owner Paul has experience in restaurants and markets and is trying to build a cafe which caters for new tastes based on fresh quality ingredients. He certainly doesn’t want this be just another cafe. His menus change regularly and reflect this positive and individual approach to great food and beverage. Loved the coffee but will be back for more dining very soon.

  • Corner Abercrombie and O’Connor Streets, Chippendale, Sydney 2008.

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