Headfirst- Amsterdam

This great pioneering coffee roaster in Amsterdam was one of the first to serve my favourite flat white coffee. In a country where old school filter and coffee pods were the norm  Headfirst challenged the cafe drinkers of Amsterdam to be more discerning about their caffeine. A flat white in Amsterdam is now a standard double shot with exceptional silky steamed milk. The roasts change regularly and the passionate baristas guarantee your drinking pleasure. This cafe  was set up together with Harvest & Co. an industrial design concept store, inside an old plumbing workshop. Great atmosphere and always interesting decor of  lamps, furniture and vintage industrial design. The location was interesting- a beautiful little residential street (Tweede Helmer straat) not far from the popular Vondelpark but certainly nowhere near the tourist bustle of central Amsterdam. Of course being Amsterdam it’s only a short bike ride to most areas within the ring road. Sadly or maybe excitingly Headfirst has just moved to a new location so the collaboration with Harvest & Co. is no more. Pity, I really liked the industrial vibe. The new cafe is currently being set up in Westerstraat. Another destination when in Amsterdam. Why post about a closed cafe? I like their style.


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