The Summer Hill community in Sydney’s inner west are so lucky. Here is a cafe transporting customers to the glorious 80s – a lifestyle dominated by great bands,  intimate live venues  and a glorious sense of “indy” before the word was even invented. Band posters cover the cafe walls  like a bulletin board of gigs or a life-size pinterest page. An eclectic collection of art- some may say “kitsch”- mixes up  familiar pop culture on the black walls. Cool lighting has a similar effect  -fluoro tubes, bare bulbs and an organic orange pendant compete with the giant neon “DRUGSTORE” at the rear. The cafe soundtrack is also thoughtful and quite likely the iPod shuffling through owner-barista John’s favourites.

John serves the deliciously reliable Campos coffee and he is pumping them out for the locals at an amazing rate. They are in the know, and are willing to line up outside to grab a take-away before work. Brunch and breakfast snacks are also served by the friendly staff out of the tiniest kitchen space.

Although the take-aways continue to fly out the door I’m staying seated.  I’m in love with this space. It’s a place to comfortably linger -read, blog, surf, tune in, tune out, chat at the communal table, lounge on the couch and drink a quality coffee.

140 Smith St, Summer Hill,  New South Wales, Australia


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